Getting Started with Zoom Rooms

Users are in-person meeting participants in a conference room where a Zoom Rooms system is present. This quick guide helps users start or join a meeting and understand in-meeting controls for Zoom Rooms.

Admins are tasked with setting up Zoom Rooms for the organization. Once you’ve purchased Zoom Rooms licenses, use this guide to learn how to quickly add and sign in to a Zoom Room and configure your settings.

  • How to schedule a meeting with scheduling display

  • How to start or join a meeting from the controller

  • How to chat with others

  • How to record

  • How to change the meeting layout

  • How to share content

  • How to prepare a Zoom Room setup

  • How to assign users to manage Zoom Rooms

  • How to set up a calendaring service

  • How to add a Zoom Room on the web portal

  • How to pair a controller and sign in to the room system

  • How to start a test meeting and adjust settings

Do more with Zoom Rooms

After getting started with Zoom Rooms, find out more about available settings and additional features on our product support page.

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